Our Services 

Have an idea for an app or software that you think could be a great app or software? Our team of experienced developers can help you take your idea from concept to market. This allows you to deliver functionality and value without hiring an in-house developer.

What we Do!! 

We create outstanding websites and application with natives code,  building your audiences with search engine optimization 

Web Developer

Social Media Marketing Specialist

We have an in-house team of social media strategists, creatives and client handlers. We own your brand and deliver an effective social media campaign. Every team member knows their goal is to gain engagement and lay the foundation for your business so it can grow in the eyes of your audience.

Brand Strategy


We manage influencers to help you take your marketing content strategy to the next level, increase credibility and expand your content to new communities.


We provide professional ushers to organize your event and activation to meet your expectations.


We meet with clients to understand their project goals, set project scope, make recommendations and monitor progress.

Magic Touch 

Do you have a brand? Want to come up with new designs and graphics for your company or personal use? Looking for a logo or a flyer? The answer is here. We are a team of designers dedicated to the best service in the industry. Contact us and let your imagination come true.

Graphic design is not a mere job for us. It's an art. We create designs that are pleasing to the eye and that attract visitors like a magnet. In Arab Digital, we offer you the latest graphic design methods, which gives the best impression to the visitor's eye, attractive design.

Cyber Security

Magic Touch 

Cyber Security has been a common topic ever since the internet became widespread. As the internet of things becomes more and more prevalent, cyber security plays an increasingly important role in our lives. This is where we come in! We’re a team of penetration testers, with years of experience in this field. We’ve got some amazing plans to make your business safer than ever before.

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Beyond that

Arab Digital is the best provider of cyber security in the Middle East. We are a leading CERT in the region and have around 100% success rate with our penetration tests. We have offices in Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, and Saudi Arabia for your convenience


Our priority

“A safety net for your business” – Cyber Security is an industry leader in penetration testing, training, and certification. We’re dedicated to giving you peace of mind through a comprehensive suite of services that keep your business safe.


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